Startup Action Malta 2020


The Startup Action is an event held on a yearly basis in Malta, providing you with the full experience of a startup. This is the place to meet your cofounders and various mentors to help you get started with building a real company. 

We run a 20-hour event allowing all budding entrepreneuers from different backgrounds and with different talents, to mould their ideas into the first building blocks of a startup. We provide mentors, talks and help, to get you started. Nonetheless, this experience, will allow the attendees to know their team better, build long lasting friendships and obtain the contacts they need. The action will option doors to not only mentors and cofounders, but also potential investors and sponsors. 

All formed teams will be provided with space on our website and social media to showcase their idea and obtain further contacts, even after the event. 

The event itinerary is comprised of two different days:

Day 1: Meet, Team-up & Work.

Day 2: Present & Connect.

During the presentation phase, the pitches can potentially receive investment or mentorship offers. If you idea is not chosen, we strive to push the teams to continue pursuing their ideas, outside of the weekend.

This year's event is being held on the 3rd (8:00hrs - 18:00hrs) and 4th of October (8:00hrs - 18:00hrs).

Denise De Gaetano is an A.I. and Blockchain specialist with more than 12 years of experience working within various industries. Her skills and expertise have helped with the transformation of data investments into actionable business results through the visioning and implementation of Big Data, Web Presence, Content Publishing, and Enterprise Search solutions. She was also involved in business strategies providing a superior engagement experience through a combination of business acumen, intellectual curiosity, a collaborative work style, and strong partnerships with award-winning vendors.

More speakers coming up soon....

Coming up soon....


Stragemic is a full service marketing company, offering our services over the wide full-spectrum of marketing.

Digitial Marketing is the current trend, where we offer affordable SEO, email marketing, SEM, social media and web development services for all type of businesses. We also offer help, with the more traditional marketing, involved printed media, photography, and video advertisements.


SED Hub is always rooted in real and concrete science and taking their lead from the Curriculum - but taking approaches from our experiences to provide an excellent way of engaging students with science and supporting them in understanding the world (and worlds) around them.

Delivered by practitioners who are passionate about science, these exciting programmes use drama-based approaches to cement existing learning, clarify difficult concepts, challenge thinking and introduce new content.

We know how complex delivering whole-school approaches to science can be, so you can now book a Big Science Day for a number of year groups, comprising either different workshops exploring a number of topics - or a range of age-differentiated activities on a single scientific theme!

Our inspirational workshops exist in a range of formats, differentiated for age and ability - and are designed to build on pupils' existing knowledge, enhance progression and boost pupil motivation in science. They are available both during World Space Week and throughout the school year.

For teachers, they provide an opportunity to experience some creative, inspiring and cross-curricular approaches to teaching the topic of Space, many of which require minimal resources and can be shared with colleagues and implemented into science lessons the very next day.

ORCA - Talks That Matter

ORCA - Talks That Matter provides access to conferences, meetings and seminars to a wide range of professionals in their field, who can give inspiring talks. On the other hand, conferences, businesses and institutions can contact us to obtain the best possible speakers and make a lasting impression.
We will not only match you with organisations or institutions who require speakers, but we will also guide you with your presentation to perform at your best.

The Geek Web Team

The Geek Web Team is a website development company to help you move your business to your ultimate goals and to the next level. Our websites are are designed to deliver an optimal user experience and engineered to drive results for your business.

What Do We Offer? 01. Strategy, Design & Wire-framing Development
A through analysis of your concept, competitors or your current website is carried out. We will also carrying out research on what your competitors are doing and the needs of your current or potential audience. You will be provided a wireframe of your concept, focussed on delivering an optimal user experience to help you achieve your ultimate business goals and objectives.

02. Website Development
We do not just develop the back-end of your website, but also provide you with the latest standards and tools to convert traffic to your website into valuable leads and sales.

03. Digital Marketing Toolkit
Understanding the needs of your customers and converting that into the required digital marketing for increases sales is what we strive for. We turn your your website into a conversion optimisation engine with the proper digital marketing tools and expertise.

04. Search Engine Optimisation
A website with no proper SEO, will be very difficult to attract customers. We therefore, provide you with SEO best practices and structure to ensure people searching for your products & services online find you easily. This decreases marketing budgets drastically.

Blockchain Technology Hub

Based in Malta, Blockchain Technology Hub is an international blockchain consulting service provider that develops and provides emerging technology services. The company offers blockchain and cryptocurrency development services supported by a team of skilled developers as well as strategists. We have carved a niche of clients by providing some successful blockchain based software solutions on ethereum, hyperledger solutions and smart contacts. Using our services and consultation you can save your time & cost.
Our tech experts help you unlock the untapped and unimagined potential of blockchain solutions for your business. With Blockchain Technology Hub, we enable you to leverage blockchain and adjacent technologies including Shared Ledger and distributed Ledger, Smart Contracts, decentralized applications, and more to meet your industry and business specific needs for today and tomorrow.
We offer various services tailor-made to help take your idea or start-up to the next level. We work with multiple industries, including, education, HR, aviation, fintech, medical and tourism, to mention just a few.

Check out our services: Smart Contract Development; Blockchain Solutions Development; Custom Blockchain Development for Business; Fintech Application Development; Auditing.

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